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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Exchange 2010 ActiveSync Problem With Iphone 3 & 4 .

Hello everyone,

Today while i was trying To configure my Corp Email Account on my iPhone 4 and my College iPhone 3 .
Configuration was ok , but when i opened the inbox on my iPhone it gave me an error says " cannot communicate with the server " .

i checked my Exchange CAS for errors i found the following error in the Event Log,

"Exchange ActiveSync doesnt have sufficient Permissions to create the "Users" container Under Active Directory user ...... "

Event ID = 1053 , Source MSExchange Activesync

Basicly it's because the Inherting Permission granted to the User.

to fix this porblem simply ( Of course you need to be a Domain Administrator ) , log onto your Domain Controller . and do the following ,

  1. Open " Active Directory Users and Computers "
  2. select the user account that facing the Problem.
  3. right Click the user and select Propertise.
  4. go the "Security Tab"
  5. click on Advanced
  6. make sure that "Include inheritable Permissions From the object's parten"

  • Click Apply , then Ok
  • Try Again after a while on your iPhone and it will work.

This fixed it for me. hope it work for you.


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