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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cannot Add Servers to the DAG - Exchange 2010 SP1

Hello Everyone,

i faced a problem while creating DAG to My client, the problem was that i was Unable to add Servers to the DAG i created .

everytime i try to add a server to the DAG it gives me the following error

saying " A server-side database availability group administrative operation failed, error the operatuin failed CreateCluster erros may result from incorrectly configured Static Addresses.....etc "

Simply to fix this problem you need to make sure that " Remote Registry Service " is started and running in your Mailbox Server you want to add to the DAG.

to do that ,

Click Start >> run >> type "Services.msc" >> Press Enter

right Click " Remote Registry " >> Properties >> under startup Type Choose "Automatic"

click Apply >> Click Start >> click Ok.

now if You tried to Add the Server again to the DAG it will Work, if not , you can check my Post about How to create DAG on Exhange 2010 SP1.

Thanks again,