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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Installing Microsoft Exchange server 2010 Step-by-Step

2nd Part - Installing Exchange server 2010 Rolls.

Hello again everyone,

in previous Post we talked about Exchange Server 2010 PreRequisties, Now we will see how to install different Exchange server roll.

1). Exchange CAS/HT Server:

Mount the installation Media for Microsoft Exchange server 2010 ,
  • in the first screen Under Install > Choose Exchange Language Option ,select " Install only languages from the DVD "

  • Select Step 4 " Install Microsoft Exchange.
  • in the installation wizard click next

  • in the next page read the Agreement , then select " I accept tearms in the license ..."
  • click Next
  • in the Error Reporting page select "No" and then click Next
  • In the Installation Type Page , select "Custom Exchange Server Installation"
  • Change the Path of the installation Folder if you want " i will leave it to defualt".
  • In the Server Role Selection, select the Exchange server roles you want to install on the Computer.
  • in this step we will select CAS/HT roles, Then Click Next.
  • in "Configure Client Access server External Domain" Page , leave it to defualt and click next
  • In "Customer Experience Imporvement Program" , Choose "I don't  wish to join the Program at this time".
  • Click Next and wait for the Wizard To check for all the Prerequisities, then Click Install
  • After Installation is done Click Finish.

    2).Exchange MailBox Server.
    • To Install the Mailbox server role in the Computer , In the "Server Role Selection" Page. select Mailbox Role.
    • Click Next and in the next page Give the Name Of Your Organization.
    • Click Next
    • In The Client Setting Page, Select No as an answer for "Do You have any client computers running Outlook 2003 or entourage in your Organization?"
    • Click next and continoue with the same steps as in Installing CAS\HT.

    3).Exchange Unified Messegaing Server

    • in the "select Server Roles" Page , Select Unified Messeging And click Next
    • And follow up the Same Steps as in CAS\HT server roles.

    4). Exchange Edge Server.

    • In the Computer that will act as your Proxy "TMG / ISA" install Exchange Edge Role on it
    • In "Select Server Roles" page , select "Edge Transport Role" and Click Next.
    • click next
    • Follow the Same Steps as in installing CAS/HT server.

    By That i explained how to install Different Exchange Server Roles.
    in my next Post i will talk about how to configure Your Exchagne Server.